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Quietly witty, a walking encyclopedia with a sarcastic edge. Enjoys dark humor, documentaries, and true story films. A master storyteller of his own experiences. A gem of a friend once you crack his shell.


Hakim Zziwa born and raised in Uganda has always been passionate about telling stories visually inspired by his strong stage performance background as a dance artist and founding member of Tabu Flo Dance company, Breakdance Project Uganda and Batalo East dance organization.

Being a performing artist Inspired him to get into dance visual storytelling and producing concept based dance videos later on earning a number of official selections in various festivals for some of his films like “In the Barrow”(2018), “Ascension”(2020) and “Faded”(2022).

Hakim later expanded his creativity to the documentary style of filmmaking that has taken him to another level, working on various film project collaborations as a Director and Director of Photography including the short documentary film ”The Dark One”(2021) & “Building 62” (2023) which both made it to a number of nominations in different film festivals around the world.

A combination of shooting dance action and documentary style open up doors to directing some music videos and other short films as he continues to explore different genres of film making especially documentary, short films and abstract experimental film projects.


Reach out! Let us collaborate. 

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